Jan 23, 2018 We had to find a way to help everyone save money on clean energy options. After all, wind and solar power have zero-marginal costs and are.... Mar 30, 2017 The White House draft budget would cut funding for the EPA by 31 percent and give it to the Department of Defense, not taxpayers.. Keep your money clean. By Pete Pennicott. Published at Aug 26, 2019, in Features. Occasionally, I get some interesting articles come across my desk with.... 5 days ago Jim Renacci: Mike DeWine must come clean about bailout scheme ... It also appears that much of this money was received on DeWine's behalf.. Dec 21, 2020 In a bipartisan boost from Congress, tax credits for solar and wind energy (ITC and PTC), carbon capture and biofuels appear set to be.... Nov 11, 2013 Burma: Clean Money. Marilyn V. Longmuir looks at the historical background to the Burmese obsession with pristine bank notes.. Money Isn't All You're Saving. SMART CLIMATE CHOICES. The United States is at a crossroads. We can choose to transition to a clean energy economy that... 538a28228e

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